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Sabanci University

Master’s Degree, MAVACD, Master of Visual Arts

September 2017- January 2019 

Obtaining the Master of Art degree of the VACD program at Sabancı University involves a rigorous study which combines studio work in art and design study related to these fields . Non-Thesis degree requirement is a fully articulated art or design project which revolves around a cohesive query, concept or topic that can be applied to at least one of the two areas of investigation of the program, and which as a finalized product is expected to be presented to a project supervisor at the end of studies . I am not only

taking MAVACD courses but also assisting three courses each term. I am honoured to be given the full scholarship,accommodation and salary during my three terms of study.

University of Arts London-Chelsea College of Arts

Master’s Degree, MA Curating and Collections (Pass with Merit)

September 2016-September 2017 

During my study I attended more than 100 exhibitions and wrote reviews on them.

My thesis question was : How can we ensure the survival of the Istanbul Biennial in the recent political climate, through the curatorial motives of the 13th and 14th Is tanbul Biennials , using the historical and

contemporary case studies ?

University of the Arts London

Certificate Programme- Marketing, Communication & Advertising


Sabanci University

BA, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design



Is Sanat, Art Collection Expert

August 2018- Present 

Kibele Art Gallery, Curatorial Assistant 

September 2018- present 

Sabanci University, Graduate Teaching Assistant 

September 2017- January 2019 

I was working as the teaching assistant for the Professors in the fields of painting, sculpture, art history and design. Each term I was chosen as the assistant of three courses . I was not only responsible for participating the classes , giving critiques and leading the students ,but also responsible for collecting the projects .


Sabanci University, Fass Art Gallery Coordination Assistant and Curator 

September 2017- January 2019 

I was responsible for being present during the installment of exhibitions, leading the gallery assistants as well as organising the reception and making connections with the artists. In addition to this , my responsibility was to help with the concepts, labels and translating texts about the exhibitions. Designing the posters & catalogues, putting announcements to the website and working as the curator or the co-curator according to the schedule of exhibitions are among my tasks .


Sabanci University, VA 324 Advanced Drawing Teaching Assistant

January 2016-July 2016 

I worked as the undergraduate teaching assistant for the Advanced Drawing course given by Wieslaw Zaremba, at Sabanci University. My responsibilities were guiding the students by teaching di!erent techniques of painting and experimenting di!erent materials. I also took weekly attendance to see their progress in time. My experiences in Advanced Drawing and VA 501 G, helped me guide the students with producing colors from di!erent materials and framing processes. I also attended the final review done by the professor and help with the grading process .

Sabanci University, Fass Art Gallery Assistant

September 2014 - August 2016 

I was responsible for being present during the installment of exhibitions, organising the reception and also making connections with the artists. I also helped translating texts about the exhibitions, designing the posters & catalogues, putting announcements to the website and also in some exhibitions I helped as co-curator.

Sabanci University, Hum 202 Exhibition Coordination Assistant

September 2015- March 2016 

Hum 202 is Major Works of Western Art course given by Bratislav Pantelic at Sabanci University. I was responsible for coordinating with FASS Art Gallery to provide the students information about the exhibitions and introducing them to the artists for further knowledge about the works exhibited. The students were responsible to write essays about the exhibitions so I also took a record of their attendance and participation.

Sabanci University, VA 204 Language of Drawing II Teaching Assistant

January 2016-July 2016 

This course is a continuation of VA 203. Advanced tasks and individual experiments on large-scale drawings and renderings are to be performed in the studio. The focus is on broadening ways of perception, interplay of light and dark, use of color and paint, and general improvement of the individual's drawing skills with the guidance of the instructor and the assistant. I helped the students by giving relevant critique on their works . I took attendance and help the professor during the grading

process .

Alametifarika, Internship 

June 2015- July 2015 

I did my internship of graphic design at this agency to be more familiar with the s ector and the practice. 

International Model United Nations (IMUNA), Delegate 

September 2009-July 2015 

MUN is a platform that is aimed as a model of United Nations conferences. As young students , we were discussing the world issues in the specific procedures of the conferences. I was attending worldwide conferences being the delegate of selected countries .The remarkable conferences that I have had a chance to attend are: KUCJ 13' (Koc University), SUMUN 13' (Sabanci University), RCIMUN 10' & 11' (Robert College), BERMUN 10' (John F. Kennedy School), GYS 10' (Ted College


Sabanci CIP, Civic Involvement Projects (Voluntary work) Animal Rights Project Photographer

September 2014-June 2015


Sabanci University, Full Scholarshio and Accomodation for Master’s Degree

September 2017- June 2019 

Kingston University, International Student Scholarship for Master’s Degree (I refused their offer)

September 2017 

University of Arts London MA Pass With Merit Certificate

September 2016-September 2017  

Sabanci University, Dean’s List/ High Honor Student

June 2016  

Sabanci University, Honor student


Ted College Ankara MUN-GYS Confrence, The Most Outstanding Delegate Award 



IELTS 7,5 



English (Advanced)

German (Intermediate) 

French (Beginner) 






Wood Working 




Microsoft Office Programmes 

Adobe Programmes 

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